I guess I’m one of those general creatives and thats cool with me

I create content for people to use personally, for social media, for advertising, and of course for myself. I truly love it. Here’s a bit about me:

Almost ten years ago, a diploma from Confederation College in Broadcast Television introduced me to a formal approach to something I had already been (trying) to do for years; making cool stuff!

It’s also where I discovered a link between technology and storytelling.

Two weeks after relocating to Vancouver with some buds, I basically went full ski-bum. Bouncing between Vancouver, Squamish and Whistler, snowboarding and friends became my life, and it was awesome. I scored the occasional freelance gig, too.

I spent the next three years splitting work between working at the skate-shop, the Future shop, and freelancing. The freelance gigs picked up a bit over time,

but the trajectory was not really pointing in the right direction. 

That was until I met the fine folks at Generator Advertising. 

Armed with my very thin and quite amateur portfolio of a few logos, some motion graphics, and a shitty website or two, I wound up with a job as a junior graphic designer. I spent around 5 years there learning from some super talented people, apparently becoming a qualified designer by the end. 

Throughout my time there I slowly but surely moved into creating video content, starting with smaller scale social media videos, eventually producing full fledged spots for the cinema.

These days you will find me back at Generator heading their video department. And loving it!

Let’s hook up!