Video & Motion

This is a collection of my favourite work from the last year or two.

Tbaytel – Alzheimer Society 

Tbaytel – End Signal Struggle Forever

City of Thunder Bay – Everyone Matters Day 

Waking up Ojibwe – Rainy River District School Board

Waking up Ojibwe – Strategy

Fresh Air – Rise and Run

Hope Air – Allie

Hope Air – Rob

Tbaytel – Brand, George Jeffrey 

Fresh Air – Earn your Turns

Alpha Court – Anniversary Doc


Lakahead Public Schools – You Belong Here

Fresh Air – The gift of Fresh Air

Canadian Mental Health Association

Tbaytel – What Makes a Great Neighbour?

Tbaytel – What Makes a Great Neighbour?


Tbaytel – 12 Days of Christmas

Maria Maria Photography – Thank You Party

Haven Hostel – Grand Opening BBQ